Reinventing the art of marble and glass mosaics in an handmade production, influencing and leading the realization of artistic mosaic, with the strength to make every product 100% Made in Italy.

How mosaic can be a solution for public buildings, private residences and public spaces?

Artefact Mosaic Studio is able to offer unique and inimitable solutions. Mosaic tesserae, more than anything else, express this by combining into infinite chromatic combinations and decorative patterns, with the resistance of the glass... An example with these benches!are utilized for modern and classic decorations which show a millimeter accuracy, and the beauty of marble mosaics is valorized by a detailed design, which leads to a perfect manufacture. Any design can be transformed into mosaic art.

mettalic bench with handmade mosaic in glass decoration

From geometrical decorations to figurative images, there are a lot of opportunities that deserve to be taken with the aim of reaching beauty and elegance. Our mosaics are the result of our passion and experience. Our artwork is handcrafted in a very meticulous way and with the maximum attention.

mettalic bench with handmade mosaic decoration made with murano glass
Artefact Mosaic Studio
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