Some of the other artistic works we made, interpretations of ancient paints, works on sketches by other artists, sacred and funerary art, in collaboration with religious institutions.

Sacred mosaics, in contemporary way to the classic subjects, byzantine or catholics arts.

Italy is one of the most important country for this art, which is based on small pieces of colored stone, glass or other materials and is used for interior decoration and in decorative art: the implementation of a lot of  innovative ideas makes Italian mosaic designs the result of a unique tradition.The possibilities are infinite, and allow to personalize every realization considering the taste and budget.

As religious mosaic artists, we know all the techniques and the secrets of the decorative art of mosaic, which consists in creating patterns and pictures on a surface by using small pieces of marble, glass or other materials which can vary in color, shape and size. Our artworks can be used for exterior or interior decoration, and are inspired to Christian and Byzantine craftsmen. Designed for walls or for pavements our mosaics can be considered masterpieces.

Artefact Mosaic Studio
Castello, 6477/a
30122 Venezia
P.IVA: IT0175610093